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You learned about different Kahoot hacks on our website and while a lot of you guys must have been searching for Kahoot Ninja a lot which is a free website for getting Kahoot spam bots and Kahoot answers, we are going to introduce you to it today.

If you are looking forward to a perfectly working hack in order to spam the current Kahoot session with bots and have some fun in classroom, you are just at the right spot to get it.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an online game-based learning platform where you would be asked tons of questions in each session designed by the teacher and you will answer them to score a specific set of points.

You shall be provided your own Kahoot game session pin and you will need to enter it to join the session. This is basically what this game does and just like mischievous students would do to any app, there are certain hacks for Kahoot as well.

What is Kahoot Ninja?

Kahoot Ninja is one of the finest platforms (website) for getting the best where have we have uploaded our best Kahoot spam tool. This is a free tool where you can enter a game’s session to flood it with bots.

If you need to play it fair by only answering the questions, another of our tools on Kahoot Ninja tools is about getting you those Kahoot Answers.

However, our developers put a lot of work behind this tool you will need to get a premium subscription in order to enjoy this one.

We shall now move ahead and teach you how you can use both of these tools.

How does our Kahoot Ninja Spam works?

There is a simple coding algorithm which is working behind our Kahoot Ninja spam tool. The algorithm works to develop the fake bots which are going to flood the session you are going to enter the game pin for.

On the other hand, the Kahoot answers work differently. For instance, when you enter the session pin, it picks up the questions and match them against the ones present in our database.

If the answers for those specific questions are present, you are going to find them. However, there could be several answers missing in our database and we keep updating them.

How to use Kahoot Ninja Spam Bot?

Spamming a Kahoot session by flooding several bots is a trick you must have heard of. Our Kahoot Spam tool also does the same for you, however, it is even better which gives you another option to control the traffic.

For instance, you can control the number of added bots to make it look natural. The other tools, on the other hand, might flood the session with unlimited bots which will of course result in you getting caught.

Following guide is how you are going to use our Kahoot Ninja spam bot tool:

  • First, in the Game Pin option, add pin of the session you are provided.
  • Also, add the name of bot so it may look natural.
  • Then add the number of bots and keep them believable as well.
  • In the end, click the ‘Spam it’ button and the rest shall be taken care of.

And this is how our Kahoot Ninja spam tool for a game session works. We shall now move ahead and discuss how Kahoot Ninja Answers tool works.

How to use Kahoot Ninja Answer tool?

A team of developers on our website puts a lot of work behind this one. Thus, we recommend buying the premium to use the tool and support its developers. We shall now move ahead and teach you how this Kahoot Answers hack works:

  • Well, first, you will need to create a login account on Kahoot Answers.
  • Once you are logged in, copy the game pin over.
  • From the game sessions, the tools would pick questions and answer.

Note: The accuracy of this tool is not 100% and users might face problems which can be answered from the queries.

Is it safe to use Kahoot Ninja in class?

It might not be ethical but you deserve to have some fun at times. However, don’t use it often so that you don’t get caught and also, do that in secrecy to avoid detection. Just stay under the radar, soldier!

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