Kahoot Killer – THE BEST Tool to Kill Kahoot Quiz

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Being a Kahoot user, it took me through a long ride to research and find the best Kahoot spam tool for the students. However, while we couldn’t do that from other platforms, we developed our own and succeeded in developed Kahoot Killer which is the best free Kahoot spammer.

Kahoot is a fun learning platform in schools. It is an online game-based learning platform where a teacher creates a game session full of questions for learning and examination purposes. It has different uses but mainly teachers use it for testing students.

The students participating in a session of Kahoot will need to answer the questions on their computer and score marks. Of course, the student with the highest score wins in the end. Then there are other students who like to have on the platform with hacks as well.

Two of the famous hacks with actually work are Kahoot Answers and Kahoot Bot Spam. In this article, we are introducing you to the best Kahoot bot spam called Kahoot Killer which a team of our developers have recently created.

What is Kahoot Killer?

Kahoot Killer is the best and latest kahoot spam tool or bot generator. Like other bot generators, you can now flood any session of a Kahoot game with this hack. Unlike others, however, this tool is latest and it actually 100% works. For the real part, it is the tool of naughty students who want of have fun in the classroom.

We have developed a simple interface for Kahoot Killer on our website using which you will need to add some information and generate the bots. If you are logged into Kahoot on a web browser, feel free to use our Kahoot Killer chrome extension which makes things easier.

This Kahoot Killer hack is best because it utilizes various IP addresses from the virtual servers to keep changing the location of bots. This also makes it the safest hack since you wouldn’t be located or detected by the school’s online security.

How does our Kahoot Killer work?

When a user adds the necessary information required for the tool to work including the game pin, bot name, and the number of bots, the tool uses the simple algorithm of the software to generate the fake bots. The ‘Game Pin’ is the actual thing which connects our servers to your Kahoot session and then we send our bots towards your place.

If one of our bots gets detected and blocked, the server introduce another with a different IP address and location using the virtual servers. All you have to do is to enter the information we have mentioned. Our servers are powerful enough to pass through any school’s security for Kahoot so it is not your job to worry about that.

When you are done adding all the information we need from you, you can sit back and relax to watch the game session of Kahoot being flooded with hundreds of bots which are coming from our servers. In a step-by-step guide in the next section, you will also learn how to use the tool.

How to use Kahoot Killer tool?

All it takes are a few steps but since the newbies don’t actually understand the tool for the first time, our step-by-step guide shall help them. Make sure that you are already on the homepage of our website where the site version is present or you can integrate the Kahoot Killer chrome extension as well. Following guide is how this tool works:

  • First, you will need to enter the game pin provided in the class.
  • Then, you will be asked to enter the bot name (while adding single bot).
  • Now enter the number of bots and click ‘spam it’ to get it done.

Note: Bot Name option works better when you add one bot at a time. Skip it if you are requesting multiple bots in a single attempt.

Is it safe to use in Class?

Yes, the tool itself is absolutely safe and you will never be detected online. However, you should avoid using it more often and don’t tell others unless they are your friend who you actually trust. For queries and feedback, you can leave them in the comments section.

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