Kahoot Cheat (Best 5 Kahoot Cheats) To Flood and Crash Kahoot

Hey Guys, Welcome to Kahoot Hack today in this blog post I am going to present the best Kahoot Cheats and the best thing about this Kahoot Cheat Post is that it contains the 5 Methods to Crash or Flood any Kahoot and using these Kahoot Cheats you can simply win any Kahoot Game you want. In our previous post, we had talked about Kahoot Game PINs. I have tested almost all the Kahoot Cheats that I will describe below. So, you don’t need to worry that either any Kahoot Cheat works for you or not.

Before we start I would like to say that this article and this blog is not for hacking, cracking or cheating Kahoot, All the guides here are just for the sake of education and for the awareness of the teachers that there are some bugs and Kahoot Cheats which can be used to flood Kahoot easily. So, they don’t depend totally on Kahoot while taking tests of their students. Below is a Table of content for a quick overview of this blog post.


What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an online question answer site created for providing a game like a user interface for taking tests of students within an interesting, attractive and user-friendly interface. Kahoots are mostly created to get answers from the students of MCQs questions. These questions are arranged in such a way that even if a student ticks the wrong answer he/she remembers the question and next time they give right answers.

What are Kahoot Cheats?

Kahoot Cheats are those special techniques or methods which may be used to trick the Kahoot game in order to score good or high marks in the Game without actually having the knowledge of the Kahoot Game.

These Kahoot Cheats are different from one another and may and may not apply on some Kahoot because that depends on the nature of the Kahoot and nature of the Question that may be asked in a particular Kahoot.

Best 5 Kahoot Cheats

Oh! Great, now I will list best 5 Kahoot Cheats which you will love and believe me you can use each of this Kahoot Cheat to get high score in your exams simply by following them but remember if you get low marks with your hard work then that is better than those high marks that are obtained by cheating teachers and yourself.

It is totally up to you that how you use these Kahoot Cheats. All of my readers (you) are my brothers and sisters so I will never want to harm any of you so please don’t use any Kahoot Cheat for any bad purpose.

#1 Search Each and Every Question in Google

Normally the questions which are asked in Kahoot are easy and simple to find their answers by searching them on Google. And the best thing is that if you are given a time of 1 Minute or more to answer any particular Kahoot Game then you can simply copy the answer from Kahoot and then paste that question on Google and you will get the answer of your Kahoot Question within a few seconds. This is one of the Best Kahoot Cheat and it works like fire.

#2 Sit Down With an Elder Brother or Sister

About 70% people have elder brothers or sisters and mostly our elder brothers or sisters are educated and have good knowledge. So, if you are going to take the final exams and your teacher chooses Kahoot for taking exams then its golden opportunity for you. You just need to do is to sit down and make your friend, brother or sister who is well educated and have good knowledge and start asking questions from them for every Kahoot question. Using this Kahoot Cheat you can simple score very good marks. This cheat has only one drawback and that is mostly there is no one out there to help you. But it is all up to you that how you make your elders to give the answers of the Kahoot.

#3 Flood Kahoot If You think you are not getting Good Score

If any of the above cheats don’t work for you then its time to Crash the Kahoot so that your teacher prepares one more Kahoot for all of you. It’s simple you just need to go the KahootHack.co and there enter the Kahoot Game PIN, any Nickname and the number of spam Bots you want to send to that Kahoot. It is that simple and then presses the Flood button. By doing so the required Kahoot will be flooded with a lot of spam Kahoots and after a few minutes, the Kahoot will stop because of a lot of bots. Now if by this Kahoot Cheat the Kahoot doesn’t stop then your teacher will surely stop it because he will get confused to see hundreds of users at a single time and will not be able to examine the Kahoot.

#4 Miss the Kahoot

It’s superb easy Kahoot Cheat if you think you have not prepared for the Kahoot and it will be very hard for you to get good marks then you can simply miss the Kahoot. You can use any excuse for missing the Kahoot. For example, you can say my phone or computer was out of order, my internet connection was no reset and it was not working fine, I was not fine or anything of this kind or any excuse you can make yourself and I am sure this Kahoot Cheat will work like fire for you. But remember don’t use this Cheat again and again if you did so your teacher will simply know that you are trying to make him/her fool and they will punish you.

#5 Use more than one ID to answer Kahoot

It’s also very simple Kahoot Cheat, as I told you earlier that mostly Kahoot Game is in the form of MCQs and if you think you can answer most of the question then it’s fine but you are still worried that either all the answer will be right or not. Then you can create 3 or 4 IDs when you have confirmed that the answer to any particular Quiz is 100% right then give an answer from all IDs same but when you are confused for the right answer then choose answer 1 using one ID and Answer 2 using another ID. By doing so you can easily get maximum marks.


Final Thoughts

Friends, this was the list of best 5 Kahoot Cheats which you should know if you play Kahoot especially your most of the tests are done using Kahoot. But I will never recommend you to use these Kahoot Cheats, all the above details are just for teachers and please don’t use it for wrong purposes.

I hope you like today’s post if yes, then please share this post with your friends too.

Kahoot Cheat (Best 5 Kahoot Cheats) To Flood and Crash Kahoot
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Kahoot Cheat (Best 5 Kahoot Cheats) To Flood and Crash Kahoot
In this article, you can find a lot of Kahoot Cheats which will help you to win or pass any Kahoog Game. These Cheats have been tested and are working.
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