Kahoot Hack, Cheats and Game PINs ( Kahoot Hack 100% Working )

If you are looking for Kahoot Cheats, Kahoot Hack, Kahoot Spam and Game PINs then you are at right place because here in this blog post I will also teach you how to hack Kahoot and get their unlimited Games PINs and flood any Kahoot Quiz.

So, Today I will be sharing a very informative guide on Kahoot and I am sure that you will love this guide because I will include everything which you should know about Kahoot such as if you are looking for Kahoot Game PINs, Kahoot Cheats or if you want to know how to Hack or Flood a Kahoot etc. before we start I will describe a few basic terms.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is game based learning program where teachers create quizzes for students and then share these Groups of Quiz called Kahoot with their Students with a special Kahoot Game PIN. The quiz may be in the form of multiple questions starting from a time of 2 seconds to 2 minutes or a video or anything else and there may be any limit of questions which may be asked. But the one thing is same these Kahoots are interesting, attractive and engaging for playing.

Now Kahoot is not only used to Ask questions from the students, in fact, many companies are using it to take interviews. So, a Kahoot can be made for different purposes and the best thing about Kahoot is that it is totally free.

Working of Kahoot

The working of Kahoot Game is very simple. All we need to do is the create a Kahoot by registering to the official site of Kahoot and then add quizzes in that Kahoot after that we need to copy the Kahoot Game PIN and then send that Kahoot to our students or anyone whom we want to answer these Kahoots.

Students can simply join the Kahoot by entering the Game PIN be sitting at any place in the world using their phones or Computers. Here is what where Kahoot Hack and Kahoot Cheats come in (more on this later).

This was a little bit introduction to the Kahoot and it’s working now you have some information on Kahoot we will also cover Kahoot Cheats and Kahoot Hack on this page but before we start I recommend you to read below guide on How to Create a Kahoot.

How To Create Kahoot?

I know you are curious to read about Kahoot Hack but it is important that you should know how to create a Kahoot before we head over to Kahoot Game PINs etc. It is very straightforward to create a Kahoot Game read below steps to get an Idea about it.

Sign up for Kahoot

Below are the steps which you have to proceed to signup for Kahoot.

Step 1. First of all, you need to go to the official site of Kahoot so go to Kahoot.com on your Computer.

Step 2. Now that you are on the homepage of Kahoot simple click on the red Sign Up button at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3. After following the above step you need to choose why you want to use Kahoot, there are four options that are As a Teacher, Student, Socially or Work. You need to simply choose the option from there we will teach you about how to hack Kahoot.

Step 4. Once you choose why you are joining Kahoot in above step you need to enter your email address or if you have a Google Account then select Join with Google Account option and then you will be signed up for Kahoot.

Step 5. Now you need to fill a very short form which has just two fields, firstly enter your School Name (I had chosen as a teacher in step 3) and then choose a username. and then click on the big “Join Kahoot!” button.

Oh that’s it you have successfully learned and created your own Kahoot and now you can use it to ask quizzes or can use it as a demo account to test Kahoot Cheats and how to Flood Kahoot. But there is a lot more things left just read below guides too.

Add Quizzes in your Kahoot

You have just signed up for Kahoot to create a quiz game in Kahoot you need to follow a few more steps but don’t worry they are also very simple and after that, we will learn how to hack Kahoot.

Step 1. Now that you have created a Kahoot Account, simply log in to your Kahoot Account and at the menu bar you will see a Create new Kahoot button, just click on that button.

Step 2. The next step is they will ask which type of Kahoot you want to create a Quiz, Survey or Discussion etc. simply click on Quiz button accordingly.

Step 3. A Quiz form such as Kahoot Name and description will be shown simply fill in that form and you will be presented with quiz form. Add the Quizzes which you want to ask your students and save it. Now you are ready to share this Kahoot with your students. All you need to do is the Copy the Kahoot Game PIN and then share that Kahoot Game PIN with your students and they can join the Game from their computers.

Kahoot Hack – How to Hack or Flood Kahoot?

Hacking a Kahoot is very straight forward. There was a student in my class who used to get the first position in the class for every time when teachers play the Kahoot Game I was much worried because I was also a good student and the worse thing was I was much talented them him but he was still beating me for a lot of times. I started thinking about any method to win Kahoot Game then I learned how to Hack a Kahoot. It was not easy for me to explore the internet for learning how to Flood Kahoot in my house because my parents are very strict when I talk about Hacking or any other stuff of this kind.

But, I kept my search on and then I learned Kahoot Hack and now I will share everything which I had learned about Kahoot Hacking with yours.

Simply follow the steps given below to Flood Kahoot and get good marks and respect in your class.

Step 1. Before we start flooding any Kahoot you need to know the Kahoot Game PIN of that Kahoot with you want to Flood. So, first, you need to copy the Kahoot Game PIN which you want to hack.

Step 2. Once you have the PIN go to the kahootspam.com which is specially designed for hacking Kahoot game. The working of this site is simple when you flood any Kahoot they start sending a lot of Spam users to your desired Kahoot.

Step 3. Now enter the Game PIN which you had copied in step number 1. And then enter Nick Name and the number of bots which you desire to send to your select Kahoot. After that Click on the Clear CAPTCHA button and resolve it to prove you are really a human being.

Step 4. OK, I think you have done everything So what you are waiting for simple click on the Flood Kahoot button and see the magic. The Kahoot will be flooded with a lot of spam users (bots).

It was really simple to flood Kahoot Game or say, Kahoot Hack. I have taught you this method just for the sake of education please be kind and don’t be a black hat hacker and start hacking Kahoots and fooling your teachers.

Kahoot Hack is not a very good method to score good marks in your class although you can earn good reputation but please don’t Hack Kahoot again and again because if your teacher come to know that you often win by Hacking or Flooding Kahoot they may take serious actions on you and to be  clear I will not be held responsible for any actions that may be taken on you for this.

Now it’s time to learn about Kahoot Cheats.

Kahoot Cheats

Kahoot Cheats are most searched terms of those students who often don’t get good marks in Kahoot Game and they really want to know about Kahoot Cheats so that they can easily Flood Kahoot Game and can easily score good marks in their class and can brag with their friends.

I am sorry to say but there is not even a single Kahoot Cheat available on the Google. Kahoot Hack is possible and we all also described you how can you use Kahoot Hack tools for hacking Kahoot but Kahoot Cheats are not anywhere in the world. It is just a big myth that you can score well by using Kahoot Cheats.

Believe me guys, I have also done a lot of research on Google for Kahoot Cheats and I know I have just wasted my time So, I will also recommend you to not search for Kahoot Cheats and waste your time because there is no such term available there.

But if you want to search it then I can bet that you can find thousands of sites that are saying they provide the best Kahoot Cheats but all of these sites are saying lie because of its impossible. Think yourself if any such cheats were available then your teacher would know about that before you and the Kahoot team would have also resolved such problems.

Kahoot Game PINs

OK, you are looking for Kahoot Game PINs but I am sorry to say there is not a single Kahoot Game PIN available on the web to Flood Kahoot using Game PINs, unlike Kahoot Cheats, Kahoot Game PINs is also a big myth.

I know you have listened from your friends that he gets very good marks in the Kahoot Game using Kahoot Game PIN believe me or not but they are just making you fool by telling you to lie. Why?


Oh! Dear, there is no such Game PIN available on the Web or there is not any bug in Kahoot that it can be flooded or Hacked using just a Game PIN. As I told you above in Kahoot Cheats section that it is not possible and the same thing I will say here that there is not any Kahoot  Game PIN available out there for hacking Kahoot.

But there is one reality about Kahoot Game PIN and that is there exists those Game PINs which are originally created by the Kahoot Games mean if you want to join any game then you can use that Game PIN to join the game otherwise there is nothing like that.

Kahoot Codes

Now it’s frustrating for me to explain each and every myth of the people for you but I am happy that I get the chance to explain these Kahoot terms. Kahoot Codes are also one of the most searched terms on the Google by those Kahoot users who want to pass an interview or by those students who are not getting passing marks and they have to listen to the bad words of both parents, teachers, and friends. Again Sorry, to say but there is nothing like Kahoot Codes it’s just a grand myth that there exists any Kahoot Code which can help you to score well in the Kahot Game.

Kahoot Codes are just synonyms of the Kahoot Game PINs and you know Kahoot Game PINs can be easily obtained by the teacher so why are you looking for Kahoot Codes here.

Final Thoughts

Guys, believe me, or not I love to write a comprehensive guide on Kahoot Hack and  Kahoot Cheats, Hack and Game PINs. I am happy that you find the information that you were looking for in this blog post.

Kahoot is becoming more and more popular in first world countries because of the fun method which Kahoot presents to its users is really very amazing and students love to Play the Kahoot game, they not only get attracted towards Kahoot, instead, they are always willing to play Kahoot with their friends.

If you have any questions or suggestion about this Kahoot Cheats, Kahoot Hacks, and Kahoot Game PINs guide then feel free to ask using our Contact Form Page.

But please listen to my one request and that always plays Kahoot honestly because if you win it by cheating then there is nothing Good for you but on the other hand if you are lose it without cheating then you will learn something new from it.